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How to register

In our home page, There is a link 'Create Account', Click that link, it will bring you to the registration form, Fill that registration form then click submit button bottom right of the form page.

How to place order

First of all make sure you have account,use your credintial to login(username and password that filled in the registration form),click 'Place Order' link, choose the order that you want, check our automatical mail in your email of your order information

Order Comfirmation(needed vocha number and amount)
so as to comfirm your order, you have to pay, You will get vocha number and the amount that you have paid through your email and phone number1 that filled in the registration form once you pay.

How to pay

login, Then go to payment method, Choose one that is good for you. Pay for your order to enjoy the service. For any mistake your money can be refund(cancelling order before completed,pay more money, unable to effort your order)

After completing all(place order, payment, order comfirmation, within 24 hours your order will be completed and you will get the notification through your email and phone number).

more information
call : +255 675361306
whatsApp : +255 772056697